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Re: Canon R5 and Flash

Dan W wrote:

TTL is awesome for most on camera flashes because we are walking and moving and the subject may also be moving around. Weddings, events. or even chasing the kids around the park is where TTL shines.

Studio settings is usually a set where you measure the light and once you get it where you want it, you don't need to adjust power unless you move the model or light positions. It takes longer to setup in manual but you will get very good consistency from shot to shot.

The reason TTL can be inconsistent is the light from the flash that bounces back to the camera is what's measured by the camera to know when to shut off the light. ie; a person dressed in white with bright background will be underexposed with flash as well as with the camera itself. If the flash hits a high reflective subject that may also throw off the flash exposure. Same with dark colors, it will want to overexpose because its not reflecting light very much so your blacks will be grey looking due to overderexposing.

So were you shooting the same subject on the same location when you tried the 2 different strobes?

Yes I was shooting the same subject on the same location. I really need to do some more testing.

I have a couple canon EX600RT's and now use the Flashpoint (godox) strobes. I did some tests when I started to convert over to the Flashpoint brand. The canon and Flashpoint brands were within 1/3 stop using a seckonic meter to measure depending on the Zoom setting of the flash heads. My lights were next to each other on a stand. I measured each at wide zoom, 50mm and 105mm zoom on the flash heads. with the subject about 10 feet from the lights.

My test was really to measure the power of the flashes in manual, both were so close to each other I deemed them the same. Like I said depending how I adjusted the zoom on the flash head is when I saw a little difference from one to the other but almost all shots were within a stop or two to each other. But TTL proved to be about the same too.

Thanks Dan for your input on this with the tests you have done. There is a new firmware for the A1 which I haven’t updated yet but will see what the difference is once I update the firmware.  **

**New firmware updates that improve Canon camera compatibility are now available.

- Released an update for A1, A1X, A10, Connect, and Air Remote TTL-C, that is fixing flash auto exposure function (TTL) at short focus distances (<1 meter) for all supported mirrorless Canon.
EOS cameras (EOS R, R5, R6, and 1DX Mk III (in mirrorless mode),
- Added Canon EOS R6 to the list of supported Canon camera models.

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