R5 MPEG-4 movie: Newbie question

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Re: R5 MPEG-4 movie: Newbie question

Carl wrote:
"I have 32-bit apps which won't run on newer OS."

I, too, use Mojave as "my main OS" and have 32-bit apps I still use.

Possible solution:
Get an EXTERNAL SSD, and install a copy of Big Sur (or even the Monterey public beta) onto it.

Now you have a late-release version of the OS you can boot and run from, while leaving your Mojave install on the internal drive untouched.

A 2017 iMac should have USBc ports that support USB3.1 gen2.
So... my suggestion is...

Get a bare "nvme" drive of your choice. It doesn't have to be large, even 256gb will do as your "alternate boot drive".
Then, get a USB3.1 gen2 enclosure for it. Many are available.

Connect this to the USBc port.

Erase/initialize it to APFS with GUID partition format.
Then install either Big Sur or Monterey.

Now you can use the option key (hold it down continuously at boot time) to invoke the startup manager, and choose to boot from the external SSD when you need to.

My prediction is that you will be quite pleased with this "alternative boot setup" for when you need it...

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