Old question, did we ever answer it? What resolution=film?

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Re: Old question, did we ever answer it? What resolution=film?

Swordman wrote:

Here is Spur Nano Edge vs Leica M9 (18 MP):

Spur nano edge (film) on top, Leica M9 below.

Taken from here: https://photo.imx.nl/leica/camera/Leica-camera/styled-34/

CMS 20 would perform similar.

This could be called a "ultimate test".

Leica vs Leica (same lens?), seems to be a perfect test. Film vs a reasonable 18 megapixels of a digital FF.

But I (not sure about others) can't call it apples vs apples because of the BW film. That invalidates the test for me.

BW film carries so many specific properties regarding resolution, that it would be as unfair as calling "digital" what comes out of a Foveon sensor or making specific requirements, such as "digital must be no AA filter, 135 sensor or larger, base ISO 50, etc".

BW film is as specific as that.

film vs specific type of digital (Foveon, example) is equaly unfair.

Foveon or uber sharp DMF is light years ahead of a D300, for example, and both are "digital".

I shoot color and would love to see a test that simpler way.

Color vs common, ordinary, non specific digital (D200, D700, 5d IV, D800, etc).

That would be the ultimate test.

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