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Tongdee wrote:

Thanks all, maybe I will struggle first time out but I'll stick with it. I'm a JPEG only shooter. To be honest I don't have the time or the inclination for post processing, it just seems artificial to me. I want to learn how to take great sooc shots. For my first trip out I'm thinking...manual mode, 3200 ISO, f2-f4, ss 1/80-1/125 but now I dont know what to do about metering or focus. Is this ok so far or am I way off mark? Advice for metering and focus appreciated.

I'm JPEG only shooter as well, and like Fuji SOOC JPEGs results. One of the benefit of shooting RAW+JPEG - is very convenient in camera RAW editor (press Q when previewing).

It provies you great option of taking a shot with one JPEG settings, then with just a few clicks see how the picture looks with another set of JPEG setting, e.g. another film simulation. After playing for some time with JPEG settings, and saving variety of JPEGs from single RAW it helps to understand which JPEGs you like most and for which situations. Then I'm saving them as a Custom Setting presets, and quickly switching during shooting, but having RAW helps to change your mind later.

One friend recommended me few years back to shoot RAW+JPEG but only copy JPEGs from card to PC, which I do. So all RAWs remain on card and can be used for in-camera editor if I decide to "develop" another JPEG from it. After some time I'm just formatting card and wiping out all that unused RAWs.

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