Still fuzzy on monitor selection for Macbook...

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Still fuzzy on monitor selection for Macbook...

I am hoping to buy a monitor to use with my 2018 MacBook Pro (four usb-c ports), and have read many reviews, brand websites, posts and threads on various forums and sites, and still am confused   I am a hobbyist only and have a budget of about $500 CDN or less, so I have tried to narrow down my search to a few monitors whose feature sets are what I'm looking for. I'm not a gamer, so refresh rate is not a high priority. However, I'm still trying to sort out compatibility issues, especially since I plan to upgrade to an M1 or 2 Mac in the next couple of years.

I have been looking at WQHD and 4k 25"-28", since these would be the best fit for my workspace. Some of the monitors I am considering:

ASUS Proart PA278CV  2560 x 1440 27" IPS with out-of-the-box calibration, usb-c connectivity and hub, adjustable stand, etc. $499 CDN

Benq PD2705Q 2560 x 1440 27" IPS with ootb calibration, similar to Proart above. However, this monitor has what Benq terms M-book Mode which (supposedly) matches the specific colour output of a MacBook (and I assume a Mac mini?). $499 CDN

Philips 278E1A 3840 x 2160 4k consumer panel without adjustable stand and no ootb calibration, but good reviews on screen colour quality etc. $340 CDN.

The issues as I understand them, distilled from my research:

1) font smoothing  with Big Sur. Taken care of with this Terminal command fix?

2) M1 compatibility. Limited to certain brands only? Probably dealt with by the time I get an M1/2?

3) advantage/disadvantage of WQHD vs 4K for 27" screen. Still unclear on this one. I've read that 27" is optimal for native WQHD monitors. A 27" native 4k might display small UI/text, but downscaling makes UI/text too large? But still better than WQHD for  photo editing?

I'm leaning toward the WQHD monitors I've linked to because of their much fuller feature sets and connectivity for the price. I do have to pay 15% tax on top of whatever I get, so $500 really is my limit, which excludes most better 4k monitors. If 4k really is the better way to go then I'd appreciate any links to recommended models, then I can see their CDN price and availability.

Thanks for any input. Not meaning to start another long thread on this topic, so I'd appreciate the most concise answers possible

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