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Re: My Issue Is Not The Z9....

archerscreek wrote:

richard cohen wrote:

The z9 will be a $7k pro body that will sell in small numbers. It will just seem like big numbers because forums such as this have a lot of pros on them....But the reality is the z9 will be low volume, very high price. It will hopefully catch nikon up with the sony a1, at least until sony unveils their 'a2'....and the game will continue.

The issue for me is that nikon has nothing announced that will compete with the canon r5. Imo this is the best all around camera on the market, and it comes at a more reasonable price point that enables much higher volumes of sales. With those sales come higher volume of lens and other accessories sales as well. The d850 was nikon's 'halo' camera for years as it was clearly the best all around dslr on the market. It helped nikon's market share, which has been bleeding away to sony and now to canon.

So for me the z9 is nice, but the lack of a direct r5 competitor for who knows how long will be a bigger hindrance to nikon's regaining some market share. I am a long time nikon shooter but right now I'm selling my d850 as the r5 is now filling my action/wildlife shooting needs. I am keeping a z7ii for travel, landscapes and people. Nice camera, but not for fast moving subjects.

Maybe we'll get lucky and when nikon announces the z9 release they will also announce a release for a z8 to compete in the heart of the high end prosumer market. Without that, they will keep bleeding market share. Canon will have an r5ii if nikon isn't careful..

I’m curious, how much better is your R5 than your Z 7ii? Is it keeper rate, or is it flat out that the R5 acquires focus on erratic moving wildlife so much better that you end up with sharp images with the R5 where as the Z 7ii wouldn’t even get you anything? Is it that the focus modes on the R5 are simply easier to use and track erratic wildlife with?

If you are talking about fast moving wildlife and/or bif, there is a massive difference in keeper rate. The r5 is miles ahead, and don't forget there is a perfectly usable 12fps in mechanical shutter mode and 20fps in electronic shutter mode. Yes, I get great images with the r5 where the z7ii gives me blurry ones...and also you don't even get the same visible feedback in the evf when the nikon is focused that you do with the canon (or the d850 for that matter). Lack of confidence is a big factor for me in addition to lack of performance. When tracking I can see what the r5 is focusing on, and have no idea specifically what the z7ii is doing. Green boxes would be easy to fix, no idea why nikon refuses to do this but it matters.

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