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Re: S5 or S1 or SX5?

Tom Caldwell wrote:

reinhard becker wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:


Price? I would pay for the camera that best suited my purpose.

Otherwise - not a lot of difference that I could see.

Hello Tom,

I would add 2 technical specs I‘m missing on my S1R and used to have from my Olympus!

- S5 offers LiveComposite which is a great tool for some special scenarios (but not everybody needs it)

- S5 offers 8sec exposure time for HighRes shots, with S1/S1R you only get 1sec

on the other side the S5 has a different kind of sensor dust cleaning function, but I can not tell if there is a practical difference. With my S1R I have after one year no problems with sensor dust.

Thanks for your advice Reinhard,

I don’t know the S5 as I only have the S1 which I am quite happy with. So I have a bit of a guess based on S5 specifications and comments by owners on the forum.

The S5 seems to have been well received and popular. But I would never own one because of its side hinged lcd. It is actually a growing situation where once cameras have all become “pretty good” that buy decisions are becoming based on individual “features” that we either like or dislike.

Therefore when I see a new camera body released I immediately look to see what type of lcd hinge it has - if it is side-hinged I simply switch off - seems easier than going through attribute by attribute to try and weigh up if it might otherwise interest me.

I did buy a G9 - wonderful camera - has a side hinged lcd - I really wanted a GX9 type, but was an early adopter of the G9 and the GX9 was released about one month after the G9 was safely in my hands. I have no regrets and simply “pretend” that the G9 has a fixed lcd …. I will never do this again.

Therefore I would hardly be tempted to go for a S5 and find that Panasonic releases their Flat Top RF-Style SX5 with tilt lcd soon enough. I can wait - forever if necessary - nothing wrong with the “tilting” S1.

That is a very interesting statement! When I decided to go into FF again last year I was checking all systems. The LCD was then one of the major points against Sony and Nikon. They offer only the simple tilt screen and that is a show stopper for me, because I‘m taking a lot of vertical pictures from tripod and this type of screen is a pain in the ass if you have only such option with your LCD. The S1/S1R screen is a good option between both worlds. On the other side I‘m also taking astrophotos on top of my telescope, where the side hinged LCD is perfect, because you have to look sometimes from very different angles. Therefore the LCD  from the S5 (as additional body to my S1R) would be a welcome change, also in combination with the smaller body and lower weight.

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