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Kevin Coppalotti wrote:

Canon R7 is APS-C size?
Who would be up for an R3 + R7 combo?

me! Me! Me!

R6 + R7 for me!

Thank you for the link!

I never understood why an APS-C RF body would mean the M should disappear. Except for wildlife most APS-C customers are better served with an M.

For the price of R6 + R7 I have R5 + M6II NOW.

All my EF and EF-S lenses can be used on both, I can't complain.

The M system lacks in too many ways. Sadly the lens system has been weak with only 8 lenses. It still sells well apparently, but only in the US and Japan. That is not unusual, many products that sell well in Japan fail in the rest of the world. They still get produced long after they have been forgotten by the rest of us. That has been especially true of music formats and devices as well as some other gadgets. So while people see M as a dead system, that is probably in many ways down to their locale. Here in n the UK for instance I have only seen on M in use by anyone other than tourists, none in the shops and no advertising for them. So for me at least, the system is invisible.

A crop RF body would for me be great for wildlife and macro. If say an R7 arrives I will probably get two, one for wildlife with a long lens attached permanently and a second as a general body mainly dedicated to macro.

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