85MP & 15fps will you buy the R1?

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Re: 85MP & 15fps will you buy the R1?

tvstaff wrote:

But.most important, the industry or I should my industry will not trust them. Unfortunatly SONY has a history of abandoning products, product lines and customers. To create a 85MP sports camera and a compliment of glass is one thing.... but where would they create a CPS support structure and assure everyone they would not abandon them??? SONY will not do it.

??? Sony has had a professional services division for a few years now. No, they don't have the long history of their competitors, but it's very clear that they're playing for keeps.

I have been hearing your sad, tired arguments for quite a few years now. They are nothing new, and in the past they made some kind of sense. But Sony has now been in this game for quite some time - not to mention decades in pro cine, television, and Hollywood. They merged that division with their photography business. Your personal trust is immaterial. Sony has put their time in, and they have solidly displaced Nikon in the #2 position in cameras overall as well as taking the #1 spot in mirrorless.

You don't need to like Sony, or their products, or their history. Lord knows there's enough there to beat them up on. But they've been in the photography biz for fifteen years as of last month. Are they lifers, no, not the way Canon and Nikon (or even Fuji) are. Your suggestion that this is a flash in the pan, flavor of the month hobby for them, though? It doesn't fit. This is a shrinking industry and Sony are the ones charting the path to survival.

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