Old question, did we ever answer it? What resolution=film?

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6 or 18 mp?

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

camerosity wrote:

at 24MP resolution 35mm film is simply left in the dust

For resolution +1

I have plenty of things more important to deal in life, but for some bizarre reason, this question always fascinates me.

Maybe it's because I haven't shot film nearly as much as I'd like, maybe it's the curiosity thing talking too loud.

Maybe it's because I shot most of my pro days with a D700, and heard far too many times that 12 mp nearly equals 645 chromes.

And that is a sexy thought, as back in 2010 I thought it was amazing to fire free "645" frames at every shutter release with a D700.

And no, I don't care 24+ mp digital is definitely better than 135 and 645 film, because it should be, there's no mystery there anymore.

I'm interested in the exact point digital became better than 135 and 645 chromes.

Do you guys have any test?

I've seem this test below from a forum member:

Davinator has another one showing it's more likely to be 18 mp for positive film.

So which is which?

6 and 18 mp are very different things if you ask me.

What's the actual real resolution?

I really would test it myself if I had a scanner.

I like those things no one really needs to know or care.


as you can see, I posted earlier in the thead saying almost the same things.

Becaaaaause... I never found the answer, so I'm calling it 10-12 mp. Middle ground.

Does anyone have the ultimate test?

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