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neile2010 wrote:

I don't have any specific subject , really quite general, and video is of slight interest...

Then don't get either an S5 or an S1, IMHO (And I own BOTH an S5 AND an S1).

Unless you absolutely LOVE Panasonic menus and ergonomics, or unless you really need the great IBIS, I think there are (arguably) better cameras for still photography*.

It may sound like sacrilege with this being an L Mount forum, but I would probably look at either a Canon, Sony, Fuji, or Nikon system first, probably in that order.

Long time Panasonic user here...Had a Sony, had a Canon.  Did not care for either one.

LOVE the S5.

The 20-60mm with close focusing ability is not available in any other system.

The lenses will build out, and there are a LOT of options made by Sigma that are native L-mount, reasonably priced, and very good.

AND, the ergos and color rendition are wonderful.  Sony still has a long way to go with both, especially if you shoot nature, and I never warmed to the Canon color or UI in the two years I had one of their mirrorless FFs.  Panasonic's are spot on, and really terrific.

Flaws?  If you want great tracking AF, Panasonic needs to get its head out of its whatever and put PDAF in the next versions.  DFD is ok, but it just does not compete well in a tough market.

Oh, and I may be the only person on the planet who actually LIKES the EVF in the S5.  Go figure.....

This is definitely a case of YMMV.....


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