S5 or S1

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Re: S5 or S1

I would not get an S1 unless I was planning to use it in a studio or on a tripod. It's just too darn big to carry about.

I have an S5, and that's about as large a camera as I would want to carry if I was actually going to walk around with it (which I do).

The 20-60mm fits my needs, as I like to do in-town architectural shooting as well as close up work (it has very close focusing ability up to about 28mm).

If you are a fan of ultimate corner sharpness, the 24-105 would probably be a better choice, but it's bigger, so you start losing that compact advantage, as well as the extra 4mm of focal length...for me the 20-60mm was a great choice. The 70-300mm is my second zoom for this kit, and it balances beautifully on the S5 body, as well as being relatively compact.

As others have said, it depends on what you plan to do with the camera, and how much weight you want to carry..... And, by the way, the S5 is a joy to use. (I'm a long time Panasonic M43 user, and this is just a great camera to work with).


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