Advice needed: Olympus em1 mkiii and Panasonic Leica 100-400mm

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Re: Advice needed: Olympus em1 mkiii and Panasonic Leica 100-400mm

Rob_E wrote:

Dear forum,

I have the combination of Olympus em1 mk3 and PL 100-400.

But somehow I cannot get my pictures as crisp as I would like to have them, only occasionally.

I wonder if people who use the same gear have any tips for me. For example, do you need to use a tripod, or do you shoot without?

Is there perhaps a need to have this lens calibrated with the camera? If so, how?

I also wondered if the stabilization is an issue.

I also wonder if you use Capture Pro (H). I cannot have it focus as expected. Yes, I am of course aware that the camera will not refocus on CP H (and that we cannot use CPL), but one would expect one or two of the pictures to be sharp.

Three weeks ago (6/6) I shot pictures of a young fox, about 20 m away. It was there quite a time. Few of my pictures were as crisp as I expected them to be with this lens and this camera. I will include one as an example. It is an out-of-camera picture.

Technical data: f/6.3, 1/3200, focal length: 400 mm, focus distance: 19,07 m, iso: 3200. I did not use a tripod.

I focused on the eyes. If you enlarge, but even if you do not, you will see that the picture is not as clean and crisp as it should be.

View: original size

My pictures with other (Olympus) lenses are nicely sharp.

In general I am an experienced amateur photographer, but here I need advice!

Thanks in advance!



For fur and feathers, keep your max ISO at 1600 and process with DXO deep prime. That said, I had the Pany 100-400 and did not care for it and moved on to the Oly 300mm F4. The E-M1 II + Oly 300mm F4 dual IS is nice and works superbly with both TCs although with the 2x it takes some judicious hand holding along with use of electronic shutter.

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