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When I read the interview with the Canon executive on this matter:

> Will the RF mount grow to incorporate APS-C format cameras? Or are you committed to the separate EF-M mount for APS-C?

We can’t comment on specific plans, but APS-C size cameras are popular due to their size, weight and telephoto range advantages compared to full-frame cameras. We will listen to customers’ opinion and consider possible options.<

for me this says they even didn't start thinking about the R7.

To me, it simply sounds like - we weren't going to tell you until we announce. But we know apsc has a place in the market, so not ignoring that

I doubt he would have said anything more even if an R7 was ready to launch. That is not how most companies operate these days

Canon will not telegraph the release of any APS-C R camera until they are ready to kill off the M system. Why announce now, or early, and have M sales drop like a stone? They will milk the M system for all they can first.

A used RP is 750 euro. Who's gonna buy aps-c after a few years of milking?

I will. Do you not understand why many people still want APS-C cameras or the marketing reasons for Canon to provide them?

Compactness and price. A 7D style RF body won't be compact. It won't be affordable too. The M line is relatively affordable today, however, full frame prices are coming down, and will come down further.

Canon can make APS-C compact and affordable with an RF mount. In fact, they can use the RF mount to replace EF-M cameras rather easily. They can also produce smaller APS-C specific lenses. These lenses can be just as small and compact as their EF-S counterparts and likely even smaller as we have seen with EF and RF FF lenses. The yield advantages for APS-C will always give it a price advantage over FF.

The price advantage isn't big enough to give it a value-for-money advantage, as IQ will suffer badly from too small sensors. Every aps-c sensor is crippled due to one simple fact: it can't take full advantage of full frame lenses.

You are completely missing the point, the price differential is in the overall system, not just the body.  Take an R5 with a 600mm for instance, you will also have to add the cost of a tripod as handholding that setup for any lengths it time is challenging at best. No compare that to a crop camera with the 100-500. Costs a lot less with less weight and more pixels on subject. In most conditions those extra pixels make a lot of difference. I challenge anyone to be able to tell the FfF version of the same subject taken from the same distance and cropped so the subject fills the same area. The quality difference will be extremely negligible in almost all cases..

This is just an irrefutable fact.

Making absolute statements doesn't promote confidence in what your are stating?

So the reasons for aps-c are slowly disappearing, except for the fact M will be a bit more compact. For a 7D style RF camera that will never be the case anyway.

The reason to use APS-C are not slowly disappearing. The same reasons to use them in the DSLR era are the same in the MILC era.

Just an assumption.

The user base is shrinking for many reasons and is affecting both FF and APS-C sales. Never is a strong word

Sorry, this isn't a counter argument.

and you do not know what will happen with APS-C in the R system. Making absolute statements doesn't promote confidence in what your are stating.

Sorry, this isn't a counter argument. Truth doesn't need your confidence, so when seeking truth you might try to look past your own confidence or absence of confidence.

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