RRS Tripod Case alternatives

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Richard B99 Veteran Member • Posts: 3,317
Re: RRS Tripod Case alternatives

indigoshrine wrote:

I am about to pull the trigger on the RRS TFC-14 and although that means living on bread and water for the next few months, a few more $$$ have to be allocated for a tripod bag.

RRS have their own bags, but they are too bulky and heavy for my taste:


I also don't want the case branded and basically screaming "expensive RRS gear!":

Looking for something much simpler and lighter, like e.g. this one. Does anybody have any experience with 3rd party cases for the TFC-14?

Why do you need a case? It’s just another thing to get in the way and slow you down. Just wrap the top carbon sections in bike handle bar tape for a bit of knock protection and all done.  Cheap too after the RRS sticker shock

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