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To be honest with you I haven't used the S5, only the S1. I love the build quality, it feels like a tank and that is important to me. I also used to dismiss complaints about weight.

Let me tell you my view after using it for a few moths:
Still love the build quality and would not exchange it for an A7S or whatever...specially after the lab tests that show how amazing the sensor is. However the weight does play a factor in practice. If one uses it for a few hours holding becomes cumbersome, even if your arms are not weak. Also, I find that in most situations I don't need the extra recording time for video, so that advantage ended up not making so much difference (depends on what you shoot of course)...
I do think that the weight of the camera can be compensated for with smaller lenses...
The S5 also has unlimited raw the same as the S1 if you want ultimate video quality with a Ninja5, if not now one can always upgrade in the future...

The stabilizer on the S1 is better though, again depends on what you shoot....

All that said, in practice except for the IS I don't think there is much justification for the S1 except that if you love a sturdy high quality built camera you will not want to part with it, I know I don't

Ah yes, the flippy screen on the S5, depends on how you shoot, I don't take selfies or do vlogging so who cares..... the EVF on the S1 is better too...

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