Partition Mojave HD to run Sierra

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Re: Partition Mojave HD to run Sierra

I feel your pain. I keep a Macbook Pro on Mojave because the 32 bit copy of Office on it is more valuable to me than anything in newer versions of macOS.

I agree that the best option is to install a second OS on a USB 3 SSD. You can save money inserting an SSD into an enclosure rather than buying a premade. USB keys of all ilk, with rare and expensive exceptions, have very slow read/write times for running an operating system.

The other option, but it eats up the limited storage space on your Air, might be to install Parallels and run the second OS in a virtual machine. Parallels is the easiest to use virtual machine app for macOS but not the only one. They all have their issues.

There are ways to circumvent the artificial restrictions Apple places on running older or newer versions of macOS. Everything since Snow Leopard can run on the X86 CPU in your machine. Instructions are not hard to find but generally require learning how to modify an installation file--not that hard and you might learn what Apple purposely hides from users who mostly do not want to know about these things anyway.

User groups like those on Reddit will likely provide more support.

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