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Re: Loving Minolta AF glass

floyd_of_oz wrote:

Just a post to share a bit of love for the fact we have such great access to amazing 30 year old lenses from Minolta, at just a fraction of their original cost.

Even if I were a millionaire, there is a part of me that cringes at the depreciation losses incurred by buying brand new gear. Im just allergic to it, and in fact derive great pleasure from finding great value bargains!

For example, I keep a constant eye on the local classifieds and FB marketplace etc for such bargains, and the most recent is an absolutely mint, gorgeous 16mm fish eye in its leather case. This thing feels amazing in the hand and is a blast to play with. The quality of construction is brilliant, and the (now redundant) inbuilt filters are super cool.

Then you go and look up its new price converted into todays dollaroos and Ive just saved myself ALOT of coin....that lens when new in 1990, cost $2750 Aussie dollars in todays money...OMG! I got it in MINT condition for $150.

And on my a99 this lens is super sharp.

So over the years Ive managed to put together an incredibly fun kit for not much money at all....an a99 matched with:



50mm 1.4

50mm macro

85mm 1.4


500mm reflex

Then there is a modified Zeiss 35mm 2.0 and a Sony GII 70-300mm

Love it!

Now just need to wait for a99ii's to be under $2k AUD...who knows when that'll bloody happen at this rate hahaha.

That is a really nice kit.
Great score on the 16mm - my friend loves his so much, it's about the only lens he uses on his A99.
I wonder though how you've managed to hold back on some of the highly regarded Minolta zooms which are going on pretty cheap on Aussie Ebay. Many are getting pretty good reviews on YouTube even now.
I keep looking at the 85mm f/1.4 lenses when they show up on Ebay and, while I'd love to have it just because what everyone says about it, I can't really think what I'd do with it. 
Annoyingly, my 24mm had the dreaded oil on blade problem which I couldn't fix.

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