Canon 35mm or 60mm macro.

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Re: Canon 35mm or 60mm macro.

c h u n k wrote:

I already have the 100 2.8L, but had planned on buying the 60mm macro for the closer focusing distance - easier to light well. I just noticed that the 60mm has been discontinued. Of course I can shop for used. The 35mm looks like an interesting option, but worried focusing may be too close at 1:1. I've also been considering just getting the Mp-E 65, and I will prob get it eventually either way, but not sure I want to part with that much $$$ right now. I shoot both full and crop cameras so maybe I should just hold out for the MP-E.

Questions - If you have used both the Canon 35mm macro and 60mm, what are your thoughts as a comparison?

Would the 35mm maybe be a better idea in terms of kit building if Im going to eventually buy the mp-e65 anyway?

What other options should I consider. I like what Laowa has put out, but no auto aperture is a def negative for my style of shooting. Manual focus is fine, but Im not a fan of focusing at f8++++.

Thanks in advance

Save up your money for the MP-E. It has a floating lens group that corrects the focus as the mag changes, so it's sharper stopped down than other lenses. Diffraction isn't as bad because it's so sharp. There is a drop in sharpness between F14 and F16 that cannot be explained by diffraction alone, so that's why I've been using it at F14.

The working distance of the 35mm is way too short. I forgot that I had a copy (used it that briefly) and didn't like it due to the working distance. I'll see if I can dig up one of the photos that I took with it.

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