Olympus 17mm f1.2 vs Fujifilm x100v f2

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Re: Olympus 17mm f1.2 vs Fujifilm x100v f2

Adrian, I don't understand why you seemed focused on some academic comparison of light gathering capabilities of the two different systems when you have both available for you to compare and decide if the 17/1.2 isn't worth keeping. Go out and shoot some photos in the style of your choosing and compare to see if the results makes the 17mm redundent. You obviously bought the X100 for a reason and will keep it. The 17/1.2 is a wonderful lens, but if you no longer have a need or desire to use it you may as well sell it (and be surprised by how little you'll get for it), never mind the total light gathering of the lens/sensor combo. I myself despise these rhetorical equivalency comparisons, they are pointless. To understand what you can and best do with one system vs another is important, but worrying about how equivalent one system is to another is frankly pointless. An f1.2 lens is an f1.2 lens. You may choose to use f1.2 for 2 reasons: shallow DoF or faster shutter. So there you go, we can argue how you can use the f2 lens on the larger sensor X100 with a higher ISO and achieve the save FoV, DoF and IQ for the same shutter speed as the f1.2 on M43 and then what? Pointless, don't drive yourself crazy, go out and take some photos, the result will tell you what to do!

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