Used Nikon lens from eBay: Scratch on front element

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Couple of random thoughts
  • My experience with Japan sellers is that their merchandise rating is something like Mint ++++++ for items in pretty good condition.  Just plain Mintis about three steps down further down the rating scale   Other than the very large camera stores I Japan, this seems to be pretty common.Mint, to me at least, implies the condition of something just rolling off the assembly line.
  • By any reasonable definition you have a valid "item not as described" complaint if the item was described as Mint and eBay will compel the seller to refund your entire purchase price and pay for return shipping.  The Seller may make noises, ask you to send pictures, or otherwise whine about it but you'll get your money back.
  • There is probably some obscure procedure for getting your customs duty refunded, I have no idea what it might be, and I suspect that it's not going to be very speedy.
  • How bad do you want a copy of this particular lens?  Did you pay somewhat less than what one in actually Mint condition would cost?  Do you need it right now or can you wait a couple of weeks to get your money back?
  • I don't think there is anything going on with the lens that its going to make a difference in the images.
  • I do think that every time you look at the thing going forward it's going to annoy you and you won't enjoy the lens very much.
  • Personally, I'd file an "item not as described" complaint, give the Seller a negative, and send it back.  If you have to eat the customs duties that's regrettable but personally I dislike having to renegotiate a deal after the fact because a Seller exaggerated the condition of his item.
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