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LancashireLisa wrote:


This is such useful advice, thank you.

The first person who asked me I turned down, as I don't have the kit (or experience atm). I take a lot of photos where I work for events & have found that what I envisage will happen rarely does!

I agree on the assertiveness front, by nature I'm a quiet person but it's something I'm working on.

Thank you! Lisa

I just thought I'd pass on some valuable experience! The first time I was asked to do a wedding was 30 years ago and I thought, well how hard can it be? In the end, it wasn't the operation of the camera (which is pretty foolproof these days), but how to marshal the guests without being too pushy and how to handle the (always male) guest with an expensive camera who gets in the way and tries to direct the subjects while you're taking your best shots! Plenty of guides on how to do weddings but I found that the key thing was to talk through with the couple what they expected. There's a list of 'standard' wedding shots which is a good basis to begin with. The two couples I disappointed were hoping to have a 'defining' shot of the two of them on their happy day and I didn't really deliver those because I wasn't assertive enough to go off and do those pictures separately from the main group. If I ever do another one, I'll make sure to take the couple to one side and do a dozen 'defining shots'!


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