RF 28-70 F2 - A pretty good little lens.

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Re: RF 28-70 F2 - A pretty good little lens.

thunder storm wrote:

cpharm86 wrote:

Thank you for sharing the photos with the Rf28-70.

I would be curious if you have compared it to either the EF 24-70 or RF 24-70? I was on the fence on getting this lens until I went down to see it and decided it was very bulky and heavy. If I can rationalize why it would be more valuable for me vs my EF 24-70mm f2.8L then I might reconsider.

It's not primarily the amount of blur due to the extra aperture stop, but it's rather quality of the bokeh. The EF f/2.8 mkII is sharp, but it's bokeh is somewhat harsh. The 28-70mm f/2.0 won't be as sharp as nice primes wide open at all focal lengths, however, the rendering looks like the rendering of nice primes.

Thank you for the input. That is what I have been hearing. I’m still considering it though.

The f/2.0 zoom is expensive, but only a little more expensive compared to the RF 24-70 f/2.8.

About $700

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