Anyone else disappointed with the lens barrel slop on the RF24-105 F4L?

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Re: Anyone else disappointed with the lens barrel slop on the RF24-105 F4L?

pdowty68 wrote:

Recently purchased an RF 24-105 F4L direct from Canon, and I found that the lens barrel has quite a bit of play in it, even when retracted. There is enough slop that when I move the camera around you can feel the barrel moving. It does this even when retracted.

It is not the IS moving that I am feeling.

My old RF 24-105 F4.0-7.1 was a lens that was only 1/4 of the price as the L version, and it did not have this slop in it.

None of my zooms ever had.

I exchanged it for another with the same result.

I understand there's a lot of glass inside a fixed aperture zoom, but I feel the lens barrel should be pretty solid, especially when retracted.

This is my first L series lens, and I was expecting more.

Optical quality is great, as well as the feel of the zoom, focus, and control rings.

That's what matters

But for me, it's all let down by that slop in the barrel, something I can't detect on even the RF24-240, a lens with two barrels that retract inside.

Anyone else have this slop on their RF 24-105 F4L?

I want to love it, but it's hard to do so when it feels as it does.

I have had mine for over a year and made thousands of pictures with it in all kinds of conditions including light rain wih no problems.

Mine does have a bit of free play between the inner and outer lens barrels which I have to confess I never noticed until I read this post.

As others have reported the same thing I think you can regard this as normal for that lens and use it with confidence.

"perfect is the enemy of good"  or in the case of the RF 24-105L, very good.


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