Active D-Lighting on D810

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Re: Active D-Lighting on D810

Wahrsager wrote:

Nikon_Enthusiast wrote:

This is bright daylight sunny f16 rule sorta stuff. And I had two lenses exposing one scene differently (on different cameras so that's why I thought something was going on in camera).

Personally, I've learned to trust my (DSLR) camera meters and dial in + or - based on the overall tones of whats in the viewfinder and use Auto ISO.

So, in another thread I was told the camera should account for the roughly 3 or 4 tenths of lost light in my 70-200 compared to it's in theory aperture/light being let in, I wonder if he was assuming I was using metering to set my exposure.

What I took from what he said is that I will set the manual exposure and the camera will automatically compensate for lost light since nikon has profiles for their lenses. I'm thinking that isn't true.

The only problem with that theory is it still exposes perfectly at sunny f16 rule sometimes.

The funny thing about correcting is d-lighting in post sometimes applies seemingly +1/3rd of a stop of compensation. It's almost like the post process d-lighting might be doing what he said.

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