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Having some exposure problems lately and trying to figure out precisely what is going on with all aspects of exposure.

On my camera for ADL options I have Auto, Extra high, High, Normal, Low and off. I currently have it set to normal.

My question is how it relates to what can be done in post in NX-D, if I have it turned off in camera can I get any affect I could have achieved by having it on in camera by using the slider in NX-D? And vice versa so if I had it turned on can I reverse it as if it was never turned on in the first place? And if those things are possible how would I go about doing it?

BTW, when I load photos into NX-D the D-lighting slider is always to the left (0) by default.

My understanding is that Active D-Lighting adjustment happens before the exposure is made. "D-Lighting" is made after and may not yield the same latitude as "Active D-Lighting."

Yeah, Ive been a bit confused as of late. I'm wondering if the reason my lens is occasionally under exposing relative to what it should be doing may be due to ADL.

I doubt it as the effect is very subtle. Are you in highlight weighted metering? Do you have negative exposure compensation dialed in? Are you in Auto ISO? Many factors could make an image too dark.

I'm thinking I should just switch it off if I want consistency, however I'm still concerned about missing out on something I can't easily replicate later in post.

You might find this brief article useful:

I think Active D-Lighting is primarily geared toward JPEG shooters who are in tune to the cameras tendencies and know how to get a JPEG that's to their requirement without post-processing.

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