Transfer terrabites to Mac from PC?

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Re: Transfer terrabites to Mac from PC?

It's always better to keep files that will be used with a Mac on a "Mac-formatted" drive.

There's more than one approach you could take here.

My "preferred choice" would be to format the t7 to HFS+ (Mac OS extended with journaling enabled, GUID partition format).
Then, get ahold of the software "Paragon HFS+" (I think that's the right name for it), which permits you to connect the Mac-formatted drive to the PC and write to it.
See this page:

I prefer HFS+ to APFS for data-only drives.

Another way:
This will require TWO drives of sufficient capacity.
a. Format drive a to exFAT and connect it to the PC
b. Copy the files to drive a
c. Connect drive a to the Mac (which will mount it)
d. Copy the files from drive a to the t5 (formatted for HFS+ or APFS if you want it).

Somebody mentioned encryption.
For a data drive containing your images?
I wouldn't do that.
I would want these files to be "as easy to get at as possible".

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