Red River - Epson P900 cost of printing

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I also would go back to Cone ink.....

jrkliny wrote:

Petruska wrote:

It's amazing how expired date Epson OEM large format cartridges shot up in price. I was able to buy K3, 110 - 200mL carts 3 years ago for $10-15. Now many are up to $70 - 100, especially Light Light Black!!!!!

Bob P.

I have a pretty decent stock except for the PK, LLK, and LK inks. I gave up looking on EBAY and am going back to Cone inks. I actually think the Cone blacks are better. In fact they are a little too good. I need to make sure that my files are on the bright side before using them.

if I didn't have my decent stock of OEM ink.  I had no problems with Cone ink in my R2880 and R3000 printers.  I just went to OEM for a little longer in fade resistance and at my age of 71 right now I don't care about fade resistance anymore..........  Yes Cone black is better than OEM.  I discussed this with Jon Cone a few years ago.  In fact, he even has a darker black that he wanted me to try.

Bob P.

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