Foveon vs. Bayer MP Equivalence a la Ted

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Re: Foveon vs. Bayer MP Equivalence a la Ted

xpatUSA wrote:

Here , someone said of a non-Foveon camera:

"It's not 80MP equivalent, though. Is it even 40MP? Not completely convinced but it must be close".

Assuming that the question is about a Foveon equivalent, I gave it some thought. Claims quoted here often have either no or over-simplified bases.

I have a spreadsheet that, among other things, calculates the MTF of a sensor-type given pixel-pitch and image lp/mm. What if I were to vary the pixel-pitch until I get the same MTF for a Foveon versus a AA-less Bayer?

I did that.

Since, for a given sensor size, MP is proportion to 1/(pixel-pitch squared) - I got the result that a Foveon is about 40% "better" than the Bayer - meaning that it gets the same MTF for the same lp/mm and sensor size with about 30% less MP...

... and considerably less MP versus a Bayer with AA ...

He was not comparing pixel shift bayer resolution to Foveon. He was talking about the equivalence of a pixel shift high rez bayer photo in comparison of a normal photo from the same bayer camera. Pixel shift increases the detail a good bit but not to the level of a true 80mp bayer chip. It's more like 30-35 bayer mp or so IMO.

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