Transfer terrabites to Mac from PC?

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Re: Transfer terrabites to Mac from PC?

There's not going to be a speed difference you'll notice in normal daily use. However, you should use APFS because it is a) more robust, b) supports the extended file attributes that MacOS uses and c) has some more bits of cleverness that you won't get with exFAT.

Your problem then is how to transfer the files to the APFS-formatted drive. Since it's a one-off job, it doesn't need to be a super-slick method. I don't know what  current Windows OS's are capable of, but the best way would be if you can share the PC drive over your network - MacOS can read NTFS formats. Another possibility would be to set the PC as an FTP server (if Windows allows) and use the MacOS terminal to run an FTP client. If you have a drive enclosure you can install the PC drive in, you could do that and connect it to a USB port on the Mac. You could perhaps (maybe the easiest, if fiddly method), divide the files across a number of folders on the PC so that you can use migration assistant to copy each chunk to the Mac's SSD and from there to the external drive. Lastly, if you have another external drive, format it as exFAT, copy files from PC to there, plug both that drive and the APFS-formatted SSD into the Mac and copy from one drive to the other. You'll probably want a second external drive as a backup anyway, so this might be your best bet.

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