Used Nikon lens from eBay: Scratch on front element

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Re: Used Nikon lens from eBay: Scratch on front element

SvDe wrote:


Would you advise me to return the lens to Japan

Depends on what you paid for it and what it will cost to replace. But, in your shoes, I would return it as 'item not as described' assuming these defects where not disclosed or obvious in the photos.

(in which case the custom duties already paid could of course not be refunded)

I do not recall the process, but duties on returned items can be refunded. You do not pay the shipping, the seller is responsible for getting a shipping label to you and for whatever happens once you've scanned it into the USPS or other system.

or should I ask the seller for a discount on his "NEAR MINT" lens and live with it

It is not "near mint".

- in case these defects do not affect image quality and don't become a problem in the long term?

The scratch on the front will not affect IQ normally. It may cause veiling flare / low contrast with a backlit subject. The markings on the aperture blades are concerning.

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