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LancashireLisa wrote:

Thanks Andrew.

I think what I am trying to achieve is more detail in lower light. I just love Autumn & Winter when the sunlight is weaker & it just feels more atmospheric.

I'd also like to start taking more portraits of people & would hate to lose detail.

You know Andrew, I probably shouldn't say this on here but *whispers* I don't shoot in RAW & I don't bracket either - I rarely have a tripod with me. I do some light post processing (in the first image there's none).

I haven't had chance to go through everyone's responses, people have offered such a lot of helpful advice but I will & make some notes. I feel like I'm on an exciting journey with photography, learning all the time!

You should shoot any way you want to.

Shadow recovery using FF works much better if you process from RAW. Also, a lot of the advantage of FF when you are shooting deeper DoF images like landscapes depends on longer exposures at base ISO, than you would shoot MFT handheld.

Some examples:

MFT handheld

MFT handheld

I’d argue that the shadow recovery in both of these fits the composition and neither requires ultimate detail to work. Being able to shoot handheld was essential in the context of a family outing.

FF on a tripod with a 5 exposure bracket

For me, this is not about detail - shot at f22 on FF - but about the sun star, which is a lens feature. An exposure bracket would be required with any body.

FF on a tripod with a 5 exposure bracket

There was a lot of shadow recovery in this shot and the bracket was required because the DR was more than the FF body could deliver. Having 5 shots and a tripod preserves the tonality and detail. The final result is close to what the eye could see. Untangled by Apple and DPR, the full image has good detail, and gradation in the reflections.

I’m not sure what you mean about losing detail in portraits, unless you do environmental shots.


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