Dimage A2 Sure Does Hold Its Charge

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Re: Dimage A2 Sure Does Hold Its Charge

Paul Barnard wrote:

Renato1 wrote:

FrancoD wrote:

I am guessing that the original internal battery is similar to the one I have in my solar powered watch. They can last 20 or more years and survive with very little charge for an extended time.

I have had mine for over 15 years and the "solar panel" is a 2mm or so ring around the watch face.

Mine is called CTL1616.

Thanks for the possible explanation.
I wish that whatever Minolta did with internal batteries, Nikon had done with their pathetic Coolpix internal batteries.

There are three typical options used for settings retention. First is using a simple battery. These are usually some kind of lithium technology button cell which are not chargeable in the device. This can provide settings retention for a couple of years of no main battery. The second approach is to have the retention battery chargeable. This is a better option as the life can be many years but still does have a limit on charge cycles. The third method is using a device called a super capacitor. This has a very long life but less hold over time than a chargeable battery.

Thanks. But would any of these three types hold settings over 11 years?
Certainly the KM5D and the KM7D don't. I've had to reset sttings on them several times in the last ten years.

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