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Re: Photohiker Kickstarter just announced

Ken Gosden wrote:

Kev The Doc wrote:

starfly wrote:

Kev The Doc wrote:

starfly wrote:

Kev The Doc wrote:

Interesting, they're now introducing a 24L version, as well as a new color: blue. But you'll have to wait another year.

Well you can't purchase either Photohiker size at Cosyspeed so everybody who hasn't already ordered one will have to wait till next year :-(.

Have the prices increased also vs what you paid?

I'm trying out the Decathlon 30L that Chriss recommended first, should be arriving this week and then need to find a suitable ICU for that, I'll see how I get on with this cheaper route first.

Yes, prices have gone up quite a bit. I paid a little less than $300 for pack + XL cube. At least, the listing said it comes with an XL cube. I'll be mad if I only get the pack.

Yeah $300 is very reasonable but > $400 is getting a bit steep, especially when you can get the Vaude Brenta 44 + 6 (which seems to be fundamentally the same bag minus a few bells and whistles) for ~ $150 so even with an ICU added you're talking < $250 all in.

Hmm, it is not clear that the Brenta offers the same zippered access to the bottom where the ICU would be placed.

Hi Ken,

The video in the Vaude website makes this a bit clearer, it's a full U zip like on the Photohiker and the photo's of the two products look like the zipper yields the same size of opening.

The Photohiker looks to have better tripod straps and also advertises a rubberised bottom where Vaude make no mention of this rubberised bottom, not sure if it is present and not mentioned or if this is another difference? Chris will I'm sure know about any other differences.

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