Olympus 17mm f1.2 vs Fujifilm x100v f2

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Re: Olympus 17mm f1.2 vs Fujifilm x100v f2

I bought the X100V a few months ago and use it along my MFT kit, which consists of the Pen-F and too many lenses than I need.

While the Pen-F with the 17 1.8 is fairly compact, it is not weather sealed at all, in addition I have been interested in the Fujifilm X-System since about a year or two. I originally wanted to buy an used X-Pro camera, however changed my mind for similar reasons like you:

The X100V is fairly compact, can easily made weather resistent, which relates to a near perfect "always with me" kind of camera. In addition it essentially features many things you'll find on the higher-end X-cameras, for example it shares the same viewfinder module with the X-Pro3. The hybrid viewfinder was one of the reasons which intrigued me, alongside a higher quality EVF compared to the Pen-F. I have to say though, the EVF didn't blew me away, it is better, but I expected more. The OVF on the other hand is nice and, especially when it gets darker, is easier on my eyes compared to the EVF.

The controls are pretty nice, although I have to admit I rarely use all the dials for full manual control and rather shoot in "A"-mode, controlling the aperture on the nicely clicked ring on the lens is good and I prefer it that way compared to a simple front or rear dial. Shutterspeed is set to auto, same with ISO most of the time. Besides a fully customizable "My Menu", which is always selected if you press the button, you can also fully customize the Q-Menu, which is kind of the counterpart to Olympus' Super Control Panel.

In terms of performance the camera is good, it focuses more reliable in darker situations than my Pen-F with fast primes. It has a build-in 4-stop ND filter, which can either be assigned to a button, to a menu or enabled by holding the front lever. The filter comes in pretty handy. The shutter is near silent, the camera even has a digital shutter sound enabled by default, even for the mechanical shutter, it is that silent. When you are using certain image quality settings, which effect JPG quality, the camera can slow down in performance and image processing times quite a bit, the problem is common however even on other X-Trans IV cameras like the X-T4. "Clarity" is propably the most ressource hungry setting which slows down the refresh rate of the display and makes burst shooting almost impossible.

For me the purchase was worth it: First it fulfills it's role very, very well. It is a bit lighter and a bit more compact than my Pen-F, it is weather sealed, so as a daily camera it really ticks all my boxes. Of course having a fixed lens can be limiting, on the other hand it really caters to the "travel light"-mantra and also can boost creativity in order to make the most of the limited FL. Besides the camera gave me a good impression about the X-System, the features and basic controls. The most annoying thing is RAW processing: My go to software, DXO, doesn't support X-Trans at all, so I have to use other software in these regards. I actually wanted to shoot more sooc jpg only with the X100, however while the quality is good, I still rarely get ooc photos the way I'd like.
Like you I also had a look at the Leica Q2, however I quickly discarded it due to: Price, the Q2 is a lot more expensive. Size, the Q2 barely qualifies as a compact or light camera. Last but not least I am not much a fan of the 28mm FL.

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