12-40mm, f/2.8 PRO lens error

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Re: 12-40mm, f/2.8 PRO lens error

Werner Gansz wrote:

My 12-40mm, f/2.8 put up an error message today after attaching the lens to my E-M 1.2 during a walk-around shoot. The message was

"Please check the status of a lens".

As best I can tell this message is intended to warn the user that a retractable lens hasn't been extended for use. The 12-40 is not retractable. When I returned home I tested every Oly lens I have and they all worked fine. I assumed this was a contact problem causing a miscommunication so I cleaned the contacts on both the lens and camera and verified that all the spring loaded contacts on the camera moved. Still the same message.

Today is a hot muggy day here in coastal Maine. The air is thick, moist and heavy. I left the E-M 1.2 with the 12-40 attached in a cool basement room, no A/C or dehumidifying, and after an hour it worked fine again.

Has anyone else had this issue with this lens? Perhaps someone living in the US Southeast where these conditions are more common?. For now I'll monitor the situation. I hate intermittent electrical problems. I could send it in to Olympus and it would probably work fine in their air conditioned shop.

i had the same problem a couple of months ago, with the same body and lens. I thought it could be the flex cable, but after a several times cleaning the contacts, it return to work just fine.

I think its a problem with the 12-40, since the same hapend with both my em5 and em1.2


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