UV filters, unscientific test

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Bing Chow Senior Member • Posts: 2,523
It does flare.

Lens used was the Nikon 24-70mm F2.8 S.


K&F UV filter

The filter adds that huge diagonal streak in the center of the frame. What is also interesting is that the diagonal flare can be rotated as I rotate the UV filter. If I thread it on fully, then I have to accept whatever direction it happens to be at. If I simply let the magnets hold it onto a (separate) magnetic adapter ring, I can rotate the flare so it's harder to see. But that's not the right way to use this particular UV filter so it's a moot point. Like conventional filters, it's meant to be threaded on.

Sample 2:


UV filtered

Here's the diagonal line again and there's a green blob in upper left.

Thanks for peaking my interest in testing for flare. I guess I didn't try hard enough the first time. Or likely it's unpredictable when it's going to happen.

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