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Re: APS-C RF Mount?

dmanthree wrote:

After seeing Nikon's recent APS-C Z-mount cam, which I like, it begs the question: if Canon does make an APS-C RF mount cam, what would you actually buy? And yes, I'm well aware of the M mount, but honestly, that sure looks like a dead end to me. The single mount philosophy makes a lot more sense.

So if, and when Canon does bring it to market, what would it take? Something retro, like Nikon? Something dedicated to action, like the 7D?

It's a good question and no doubt one which has Canon's product development people fully exercised.

If I were in charge I would be moving towards making a budget line of full frame bodies and lenses so attractively priced and specified that Canon could  quietly ease out of the EF-M line altogether.

They are  almost there on pricing already. Going by advertised retail prices from one mainstream supplier in Australia today:

An EOS RP with 50mm f1.8 or 24-105 STM is actually less expensive than an EOS M6.2 with VF and either the EF-M 32mm f1.4 or EF-m 18-150.

I think in the medium to long term with cameras as enthusiast niche market products the one mount/one sensor size/one lens image circle model  makes sense for manufacturers and consumers alike.

We will see how it all plays out soon enough, I guess.


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