Olympus 17mm f1.2 vs Fujifilm x100v f2

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These are so different…That I do not think a comparison of their light gathering capabilities is really the point at all. The shooting experience, the handling experience, the carry experience, the whole point of both, other than roughly the same FOV (and even then the aspect ratio is different), is so completely different.

if all I cared about was low light, AF, and Technical IQ (Corner sharpness, Vignetting, etc) the Oly is better (At least on a modern m43 body), but the x100 has just a whole different point to it’s existence.

Hi. The comparison is the point for me , hence the post.

The comparison makes no practical sense but the answer is the Oly.

In what way doesn't it make sense? It's a technical question that I simply asked for a non technical answer. Why is it so difficult on this forum to get an answer without people like you making it into an argument?

Because many here aren't interested in helping anyone understand photography. Been that way for a long time unfortunately.

Also, you committed the unforgivable sin (to many) of asking about cross platform comparisons. To talk about any other format is blasphemy to many here.

Just learn who to ignore. There is an 'ignore user' function (under 'more options') that will block viewing someone's replies unless you choose otherwise. I use it liberally on this forum.

The OP is better off using the gear, taking photos, assessing the results and making the decision. It’s all pretty simple

As for ignore why bother with the forum better to take the good with the bad and there are great tips even within the arguments

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