UV filters, unscientific test

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Test @ 200mm

So I did some testing @ 200mm with some K&F magnetic UV and CPL. Z7II, Nikon 70-200mm 2.8G, tripod, exposure delay. Shots taken within 45 seconds.

lots of details to pixel peep

I won't bother to show the results between unfiltered vs UV because there isn't any. So I stacked a UV + CPL to try to degrade the image. CPL was rotated to have minimal to no effect, so in essence it was acting like a 1 stop ND. You can see I increased the exposure by 1 stop.

center zoom

lower left

upper right

I don't see a difference. This is consistent with another test that I've done, with other brands. So people who report degradation are either using REALLY bad filters, using less rigorous technique (flimsy tripod, handholding, difficult subjects, changing outdoor conditions), or they're just parroting what they read and they haven't really tested themselves.

I was going stack a 10 stop filter on top of the UV and CPL but the shutter speeds are too long for indoors.

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