Jupiter 9 m42 version only close focus on A7

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Re: Jupiter 9 m42 version only close focus on A7

ayylmao wrote:

Despite my efforts, and one bent lens repair kit later, the adapter was not willing to budge. I just noticed that the adapter also had earlier tool marks on it that look fairly fresh near the notches. It seems like the seller also tried to get it off and failed.

I really hate to give this up since it's in good condition, but keeping it around is going to drive me insane with trying to adapt it, so refund it is.

Sounds like you need a seriously strong lens spanner and place it in a vice.  But I agree that the risk factor and aggravation seem to well exceed the likely successful benefit.

As a simple point of interest there seems to have been a culture of barrel chopping and re-mounting LTM versions of the Jupiter-11 with M42 mounts.   Presumably before the official M42 version was made. I have a few of these curious hybrids bought simply for interests sake.  They are all of a slightly different approach and success level of conversion.

This was obviously not happening in a single commercial workshop.

When I first saw them I thought it was an interim early model of a M42 J-11.

It could be that someone thought that they could do something similar with an LTM version of the J-9 by simply screwing on a M42 ring - unfortunately it jammed and the winner is going to be the one who manages to free it.

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