Photographing outdoors

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Re: Photographing outdoors

I have not read the whole thread. Just down to Gato's first response.

Your problem is someone stole your light meter.

If you had a meter and used it correctly, your picture would be much better.

Without a meter, Sunny 16 would work.

About sunny 16;

Here's a set of matching exposures for taking a picture at  ISO 100 in bright sun.

ISO 100, 1/100 of a second, f/16, is the same as

ISO 100, 1200 of a second, f/11, is the same as

ISO 100, 1/400 or 1/500 (close enough to being the same) at f/8

But you set your camera at f/2.8, which is three stops overexposed. (2.8 to 4 to 5.6 to 8)

I'll read more of the thread. Do you tell us what camera it is?


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