Why has Canon included the 1.6x crop on R5?

Started Jul 10, 2020 | Discussions thread
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Re: Easy, so Canon can sell an APSC R7 @$1499 to compete against Fuji XT4

007peter wrote:

I get you. One of the Big Advantage of filming with Sony A7 series is the ability to switch to a crop mode on the fly. A single focus length prime effectively become 2 lens. I think Canon is limiting it to sell us an APSC R7 @$1499 to compete against Fuji XT4.

With R6 price at relatively high $2500, I think there is a GAP assuming EOS-R will not get a replacement.

Yeah, a lot of 4k video is downscaled from 5 or 6k readout.  Because of this, with the ability to crop in body, you will get better videos as compared to just cropping the 4k video.  The a7siii doesn't have crop mode for 4k video because it only has a 12megapixel sensor.

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