Olympus 17mm f1.2 vs Fujifilm x100v f2

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Re: Olympus 17mm f1.2 vs Fujifilm x100v f2

northlondon43 wrote:

Samuel Dilworth wrote:

The Fujifilm has a 23.5 × 15.6 mm sensor, so the sensor area is 366.6 mm^2.

Micro Four Thirds cameras typically have a sensor area around 17.3 × 13.0 mm for an area of 224.9 mm^2. That makes the Fujifilm sensor 1.63 bigger. It therefore collects 1.63 times more light at a given f-number.

However, the f-numbers are different here (f/1.2 versus f/2). The Olympus image is (2 ÷ 1.2)^2 = 2.78 times brighter than the Fujifilm image, and 2.78 ÷ 1.63 = 1.70. So in the end the Olympus collects 1.70 more light. That’s about two-thirds of a stop faster without all of this needless precision.

This ignores vignetting differences and sensor efficiency differences that might sometimes matter, but you get the idea.

Many thanks

Because you have your answer here, why do you keep looking at other answers? If you only need amount of light, it’s answered above by mr dilworth. Done

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