Dimage A2 Sure Does Hold Its Charge

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The Mystery

This evening the thought crossed my mind that I also owned another Dimage A2, as well as a Dimage A1. I wondered how their batteries were holding up.
So I went and dug them up from a cupboard, but this time both their batteries - a Minolta and an Inca - were dead. The units wouldn't power up. So I put charged batteries into them, and they worked fine.
Too fine - they didn't ask me to enter the date, as they would had their internal batteries been discharged. And the Settings hadn't changed either. I checked the date and time on each - and they still held the correct date and time. Last time I used that A2 was in 2010, and the A1 in 2012 according to the pictures on their respective CF cards.
So - how is it possible for the main batteries to have gone flat, while the internal batteries held the date, time and settings for so long? They're only usually supposed to hold them and the other settings for a few days.

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