Good news for EOS M series? Canon Chief Executive interview quote

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Re: Good News Indeed !!

Marco Nero wrote:

MannyV wrote:

In interview with Chief Executive when asked about M series future - says M series will be continued to be promoted to meet diverse needs. Interview is posted here on DPReview. Canon interview: 'Development of compact devices supporting 8K is a very high priority': Digital Photography Review (


Good find, MannyV.
It's quite clear when you read that reply. And anyone capable of misinterpreting those words would HAVE to be an EOS M-hater.
The first question above related to whether or not Canon will make an EOS R camera with an APS-C sensor. Canon do not discuss roadmap plans so the initial reaction is always to dodge the question. A 'yes or no' answer can be used to devastating effect by competitors. Instead, he notes that "APS-C-size cameras are popular due to their size, weight and telephoto range advantages compared to Full Frame". He says "we will listen to the customer's opinion." Two factual responses that offer absolutely nothing new.
The customer's opinion is then noted in the second reply above. "The EOS M series cameras are popular with people wanting compact and lightweight models" he says. He follows up with the important notation that "Many professional and enthusiast photographers use them as sub cameras"... and then, more importantly: "We will continue to promote the EOS M series cameras as a means of meeting diverse needs.".
Whilst interviews with Canon tend to provoke a coy response, even on a good day, this last line is quite specific. I'd say you're right: The EOS M system isn't going anywhere. And an EOS R camera with an AP-C sensor would kill the EOS M... so it would appear that we won't be seeing one of those alternatives any time soon either. This is pretty good news.

I am looking for the advantages of having an ASP-C in an R body.
Cheap(er) than M?
The cropped DSLRs are not MUCH smaller than the RP and the dedicated (smaller) ASP-C lenses are few and far between (with the knowledge that none will be released on the EF mount in the future.)
There is no 'right' answer that Canon will provide because we do not know the financials related to keeping and growing the M series, continual release of RF lenses, continual 'major' R body improvements (R1?). Canon is a large corporation and still has limited resources. 
It takes a couple of years to come up with a new camera line. Installing an ASP-C in an R camera will have to prove profitable, sales wise to amortize the investment. (Using an older sensor may not be enough to differentiate this camera from the FF stock.)

As noted by MannyV and Marco, Canon will only announce a product when is is ready to be sold.

Do we have an M with IBIS in the works? Or additional lenses fitting the tight M design and limitations? (I am thinking of the current f11 type RF lenses - can the same design be ported to the M?)

Or, quite possibly, most of the M users are happy with the kit lens and only very few are purchasing additional lenses. Or worse, a few simply take the 'BIG' EF lenses whenever the reach is required. From a sales perspective, Canon probably know way more that we do. And their strategy is well informed by these data. Guessing it is a nice social activity. In the end, what matters is taking pictures.

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