Well, dealing with Fuji's RAW files is making me want to return my X-S10

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Re: Well, dealing with Fuji's RAW files is making me want to return my X-S10

JNR wrote:

ANDYPDB wrote:

The Xs10 is my first Fuji camera, I was waiting to get it for a very long time, I did a ton of research but looks like I missed something. The complicated fuji raw system. I didn't know that the raw file isn't compatible with my lightroom. I only shoot raw nowadays and don't want to use Capture one. also I switched from Nikon. I want to keep on using lightroom, with my presets and catalogs, don't want to make the switch. The camera is literally perfect for me but this is really bothering me and I am debating whether I should return it. I also wanted to do video so that wouldn't be a problem, but the photo side...

sorry for the vent, just what should I do?

Honestly, if you did a ton of research and you want to shoot raw, you didn't pay good attention or your research net was very much limited.

Any good explanation as to why Capture One isn't something you "want to use"?

Sometimes you really have to get just a bit out of your comfort zone to find out how things work to their fullest... As in more research or having the gumption to try and master new software. Otherwise, as others are inferring, you could just settle.

Perhaps the easiest thing would be to do the return.

I agree. If the software is more important than the camera and lenses just buy something else. Canon would be a safe bet.

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