Olympus 17mm f1.2 vs Fujifilm x100v f2

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Samuel Dilworth
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Re: Olympus 17mm f1.2 vs Fujifilm x100v f2

Skeeterbytes wrote:

Preference between 3:2 and 4:3 plays a role as well. Shooting 135 format I found myself routinely discarding a hunk of the x-axis via cropping, and am more comfortable in the 4:3 environment. Not everybody's eye agrees but for myself, I find APS-C offering no benefit versus m4/3 since the z-axis dimensions are so close.

Good point.

As a general rule, the more cinematic the aspect ratio, the easier becomes composition, with the extreme being the very difficult square. The squarer the frame, the more must compositional elements be balanced both horizontally and vertically. The extreme in the other direction would be a line upon which you place dots in a harmonious arrangement.

The long popularity of the Hasselblad proves that photographers don’t always believe easy to be better, however. And of course it isn’t.

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