Well, dealing with Fuji's RAW files is making me want to return my X-S10

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Bill from Oregon
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Re: Well, dealing with Fuji's RAW files is making me want to return my X-S10

Erik Baumgartner wrote:

Bill from Oregon wrote:

Hi Andy,

Yep, I totally identify with your issue. For I've experienced the same. My new Fujifilm X100V creates RAW files that are not compatible with my older version of Lightroom v6. So here's what I've done as a workaround (because I don't want to subscribe to Lightroom on-line)....

I downloaded Adobe's DNG Converter software (for free). I feed the X100V's RAW files into the converter as a batch (a whole memory stick worth) and out pops each newly converted as a DNG file. This goes really fast. I then import those DNG files into my aged Lighrtoom program and in they go, again very quickly. Works like a charm.

I learned of this workaround from a very knowledgeable friend, but I'll bet you could find a video on Youtube. Any questions, pop me a message.


The Adobe DNG "works" but then you're stuck with Adobe's subpar X-Trans demosaicing for good (I recommend saving the original RAFs). It would be MUCH better to use the Iridient X-Transformer utility ($36) which does a far better job of demosaicing. You'd also be better off with the much improved updated Lightroom,

Hi Erik,

While I don't understand your technical description of the DNG converter issue, I do understand the word "subpar." How about this question -- If you were in Andy's or my position (camera's RAW file not compatible with older version of Lightroom), would you go with the Iridient X-Transformer solution? Or would you sign up for Adobe's $9.99 per month Lightroom deal?


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