Olympus 17mm f1.2 vs Fujifilm x100v f2

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The f1.2 m43 lens is ...

northlondon43 wrote:

Hi all

I have both of the above and am thinking about whether to keep the former now I have the latter. I realise that there are various factors to consider, eg IQ, weight, size, but what I'm specifically interested in is their relative light gathering capabilities (for low light situations). I've tried reading various articles on this but frankly am no further forward. I won't pretend that I'm well versed on the technical side of things so I would appreciate a simple explanation if that's possible.

Thanks in anticipation

The f1.2 m43 lens is roughly equivalent to a f1.6 APSC lens in terms of light gathering and DOF so the 17 1.2 is still about 2/3 of a stop faster when considering the format differences. The Fuji has a better sensor compared to any currently available m43 camera so take that into consideration also.

I don't think the 17 1.2 will really be able to take technically superior photos to the Fuji and the same goes for the other way around. Both are good options at a 35 equiv. FL.

The X100 is really a different beast anyway. I've considered one many times but I've always been afraid to spending that much on a fixed lens camera of any sort. That's not a problem for you as you already own it.

If you find yourself shooting your 17 1.2 wide open a lot then keep it. If not and you plan to keep the Fuji there are lots of other 17mmish lenses available for m43 that are smaller and cost much less.

The 17 1.2 by all accounts is a very good lens but I've never thought it was worth the money Oly wants for it. You already own it and the resale values of m43 gear (at least here in the US) is terrible so it may just make sense to keep both and enjoy each for different reasons.

Hope this helps some.

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